How to use 0844 Calls?

You can call our access numbers from any UK phone, without signing up first. Costs for the international calls are settled in the rate you pay for the premium rate number which you can find next to the destination you want to call. Before each call, the system informs you about the current rate (free of charge).

For instance, a call to Washington, USA (202 456 1414):

Dial the access number for the USA: 0844 462 38 38 (wait for connection) followed by the international access code (001) and the number you want to call: (202 456 1414).

In short: 0844 462 38 38 001 202 456 1414

The price stated behind every access number is the price per minute for our service. Your phone provider may charge additional costs depending on your phone plan. Please check with your provider for the rates they charge to our access numbers.